One more night

Last night Ryan laid his arm around me as he fell asleep.  Not exactly cuddling but close enough for me. . .do you know that as people fall asleep their limbs become like dead weights? Yeah, his arm starting really hurting my ribs so after a while I turned over so that he could move!  Starting tomorrow night this will be a regular thing for me, I guess I'd better get used to it.

Oh and if you noticed, the name is now Simply Sara because Ryan gave me a hard time.  It went like this:
R-"Sara you aren't simple"
S-"Yes I am Ryan"
R-"You always have creative ideas for sermons and games, (and some other stuff I don't remember)"
S-"I don't like to think deep, I like to keep things simple, aren't there Bible verses about keeping simple"
R-"Yeah some Proverbs about NOT being simple minded"

So then he gave me some other ideas, and I ended with Simply Sara:)

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