Prayers and Cuddles

I did it, I started a blog! I have been following blogs for about 9 months now. . . copying crafts, reading posts, searching etsy shops-oh boy are blogs addicting! With the little time that I have in the day, because of a new beautiful addition to my life, I don't have time to craft, cook or do anything creative-so I wouldn't follow myself personally.  But this year on top of my resolutions I decided to do something starting on Ash Wednesday next week which is March 9th, for the season of Lent. 
My husband and I pray together, but probably not as often as we should.  On top of that, my husband likes to cuddle. . .yuck! I can really only do it for about 3 minutes.  So starting next Wednesday night my bedroom will be filled with “Prayers and Cuddles”.  Every night until Easter my husband and I will cuddle and pray together. . .on nights that he gets home late, nights when the baby goes down late, nights where we are exhausted. . .we will come together in bed to pray and cuddle!!!  That may seem fun to some couples, but for us it will be a sacrifice some nights-but don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated on our progress right here on this little, simple blog.

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  1. Cute post, Sara! :) Blogging is fun! My friend got me to start one several months ago. I haven't updated it in a while, though...so I will have to make a post about my new nephew who was born last Saturday!