Some Stats

These statistics show the difference between people who "pray a lot" with their spouses and those that pray "sometimes."

78% vs. 60% say "their marriage is happy."

91% vs. 74% say "My spouse is my best friend."

75% vs. 64% say they agree on how children should be raised.

69% vs. 58% say agreement on finances is "very good."

72% vs. 52% say "quantity and quality of love-making is very good."

Research taken from:

Couples Who Pray-

Baylor University & Gallop Poll

WOW! I'd say praying with your spouse makes a difference!  Everything went great on our first night. . .except that while scratching Ryan's back I ran my finger nails across his fresh tattoo touch ups from that day where his skin was basically an open sore.  See, cuddling can really hurt you:)

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