Can you relate?

I don't know about other people, but it takes me a little while to fall asleep.  When I was younger it took about two hours every night, as I got older I passed out pretty well, and now it takes me about 30 minutes.  Honestly falling asleep is not too much of a problem for me, its listening to my husband fall asleep IMMEDIATELY after we pray.

Can you relate? Do you have a spouse that falls asleep before you?  You know. . .when their breathing gets harder, body starts twitching, body parts get heavy on you if you are cuddling . . .uggghhh! And all you can do is just lay there and listen and think "Wow, I bet he is feeling good right now, maybe even having a nice dream", and the time passes even more because you are thinking about your spouse sleeping so quickly while you are still awake.  In the mean time I try to pry my own body parts away because if he is dead asleep then obviously our cuddling time is over!

I have two weeks from today left of my "Praying and Cuddling" challenge for myself (during the time of Lent).  Really I am happy that it won't be an obligation, but more than that. . .I want to WANT to continue to do it.  And I do, for sure.  Because although there are nights and situations that make cuddling and praying together hard. . .I have seen the benefits in the long run, and sometimes its a huge reminder even for me to just pray on my own after our prayer together is over.  I also love to hear the things that Ryan is praying for, as it sometimes reminds me of other prayer requests or things in our lives that we should totally be giving up to God.

In my first year of marriage my dad always gave me the advice to "Choose Joy", he is a wise man.  Happiness and joy are two different things.  The book Couples Who Pray reminds us that "All marriages start out striving to create an environment of happiness.  Joint prayer will contribute to your success as you continue in that pursuit."  Ryan and I are generally happy in our marriage, but the overwhelming feeling of joy (which we receive from the Lord) far outweighs the temporary state of contentment, happiness.  I am thankful for that way that God has personally worked in me and given me joy throughout this experience, He always does more for me that what I ask or can fathom.  

"With God's power working in us, God can do much, much more than anything we can ask or imagine." -Ephesians 3:20 NCV

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  1. I can relate to it taking forever to fall asleep some nights! And Brad falling asleep right when he wants to!