Early to Bed

I have a good friend named Krystal.  My friends and I met her in college our freshman year when my BFF Christina was her roommate.  We all used to make fun of her because even in COLLEGE she would go to bed at like 9 every night, not kidding! (Of course she had to wake up early for work and get ready, which is weird for NAU because most people wear sweats with no make-up, hippy town. . .) Anyway- here we are, like 8 years later and my husband and I go to bed around 9.  Thank you Krystal, for setting a good example.

Seriously, if I could eat dinner every night at 5 I would.  Put the baby down to bed at 6? Lately yes.  (She can barely stay awake with those darn teething symptoms)  Going to bed early like they do in retirement homes is nice, I actually go to sleep before my own Nanny (grandmother) who hits the sack around 11 or midnight.  But its not just about getting more sleep. . .

I have really come to love spending time with Ryan in bed.  Whether we are talking, praying, watching TV, or kissing;). . .its time that I get to spend with my husband, just the two of us, with no distractions.  It's like God has prepared a special time for couples-when your kids are sleeping, your body is relaxed and all is quiet-why not take advantage of that time to actually enjoy your relationship. . .its a time to remind yourselves of why you became a couple in the first place, the friendship that you have together and the love that you share.  

I LOVE going to bed early. 

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