The reality is, even when our prayer life and relationship with Christ are going well-and we are focused on Him. . .that doesn't mean our life will always be peachy.  Things can come up that test us, make us mad and add bumps to the smooth life that we want.  These things can be big, like losing a job, waiting on a house to close, or getting a medical bill.  But these bumps can also be simple, little ones-maybe a couple times in a row. . .take my other night for example:

Brooklyn turned 6 months old, and her sleeping had started reverting back to a new born.  Since I would go in and feed her, she started the game of waking up all the time again.  Well we are very aware she is at the age where with enough calories, she can sleep through the night!  So after our long day on Sunday, we had our plan set out for that night to be the night of letting the baby cry.  If anyone reading this has had one of those nights, you know how miserable they are-hearing your baby cry and having to just listen, quite the traumatic experience!  So starting at 1:30 Brooklyn was crying and then after 30 minutes Ryan would walk in, touch her and let her know she wasn't abandoned and then would come back to bed, repeating the process every 30 minutes as long as she was still crying.  Well she cried for almost 2 1/2 hours! Awful awful awful- so at 3:30 I prayed to God, "Lord please give her little body and mind peace so that she can fall asleep, let her feel okay, know that we are here and fall asleep so that she can be rested tomorrow and not be so upset." 

At 3:45, she was asleep.  Now that things were silent again, I heard one of my dogs throwing up in our room.  I jumped out of bed and quietly kicked them out then turned on the closet light to see the damage. . .we had 5 spots of dog vomit throughout our room.  So I let the dogs out, got the cleaner and at 4 in the morning was spraying and scrubbing our room.  Ryan was really happy about that, but the truth is the more you let it sit the harder it is to get out!  Eventually Brooklyn woke up around 6:20 and I was so happy to be able to walk in and take care of her, it felt so nice.  Walking out to start the day I found 7 more spots of dog vomit!!! From that point on Bella (the vomiter) was outside for the morning. 

Later on that day I let Bella in because I knew I could watch her and didn't want her to get sick from the heat. Everything had been going well. . .so when I went to put the baby down for a nap I didn't worry about Bella following me, because she usually follows the baby.  Just as my rocking had put Brooklyn to sleep, I look over to see the dog throwing up outside of the room-REALLY???? So I quietly place the baby down, close the door very carefully and then CHASE my dog out of the house again!!!! I found 3 new spots and 2 old ones I had not seen before.

So by 12:00 that day my baby had cried for over 2 hours, and my dog had thrown up 17 times.  That's right, 17 spots of dog vomit throughout my house. 

The reality is, life is not always peachy.  Whether big or little annoyances come our way, we still choose to praise him.  My lovely dog Bella is a part of His creation, and so is my beautiful daughter Brooklyn.  I love the life that God has blessed me with, and that these things happen so I can have a story to tell (that is funny later on). I love that God gives me a kind of patience to deal with 17 spots of vomit and that he gives me the self-control to not get out of bed and grab my crying baby-which would defeat the whole purpose, and also the self-control to not open my front door and just let me dog run free to be found by someone else (because the thought has entered my mind more than once).

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