Life comes at you fast. . .

It is SO very easy to get consumed with tasks around the house.  Especially when there is a baby to cared for, and a house that can always use some cleaning.  Then when the people in your house work in ministry, summers turn out to be SO busy! 

Here are some Adventures that the Senters' have been up to!

 We moved from the west valley to the east valley!!!! About an hour trip!
 We had our first Easter Sunday at our new church Cornerstone in Chandler!
 Hanging out with my preggo friend Andrea and helping her get ready for Baby H!
 Did some long-arm quilting with my Nanny since she is a little immobile right now!
 We've been doing some home projects!
 Spending some time in our newly-filled pool!
And best of all. . .I've been watching this little girl grow, change and discover life!

So I apologize for my absence, but will work on my posts:)

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  1. Love this post! Happy for your new adventures on the East side! We flip-flopped...our first year and a half of marriage we were in the East Valley and now we are on the West :)