Dear Vacation Bible School,
Every summer you come around.  I get so excited for you, its wonderful to see kids participating in activities that teach them about God's love.  There is so much preparation that goes into you, and a ton of volunteers that give up their time to help make your week happen.  Then day 1 comes, and from that day forward there is that list of PROS and CONS that I am reminded of when it comes to VBS.  But don't worry, the PROS outweigh the CONS

Let's start with CONS:
1. Summer time in Arizona is flippin' hot, some churches play games outside, which could bring some possible fatalities.
2. Screaming kids that sometimes don't even scream the Bible point, they just scream.
3. You start to lose your voice since you are using your "crowd" tone.
4. You see so many groups for such a short period of time that sometimes you can't even remember if you prayed yet, or if that was the last group you prayed with. . .prayers are kind of important at VBS.
5. You come home exhuasted, even though it was only a half-day.
6. This year my daughter went to the nursery, and she's so social that she won't eat or sleep for them.  So I go home with a starving, over-tired baby.
7. You become obssesive with counting kids in your group, in fear of losing a kid, or GAINING one too.
8. You gain a couple pounds because of the volunteer snack room, because no volunteer can get through a day of VBS without some type of chocolate or carb.

Now for the PROS:
1. A kindergartner interrupts your talk by shouting "I love God!"-a totally acceptable interruption.
2. Kids get to scream and shout, alot. . .and since its not school-they don't get in trouble:)
3. Little innocent, smiling faces are everywhere.
4. Although you gain weight, you still get to eat FREE food from the lounge-its a tough economy.
5. Children AND adults get to dance, sing and look ridiculous...and its okay.
6. I got to see my husband dressed up in a couple animal suits this week dancing on stage-I LOVE watching him act goofy for kids:)
7. Young kids aren't critical of you, and they don't roll their eyes like teenagers.
8. Kids get excited about GOD! How amazing is that?
9.  Every year one story during the week is always about God sending his Son Jesus to die on the cross for all of us.  Some kids will be hearing that story for the first time. . .and some kids will even ask Jesus into their heart, so they can be friends with Him forever.

Yes, I will definitely be at a V.B.S every summer. . .and I am SO excited for Brooklyn to grow up and be at these type of camps that will teach her ALL of the things that God has done for her.

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