Wishful thinking Wednesday

If I could choose the I way my mornings went. . .here is what they would look like:

I would sleep until my alarm, instead of my body waking me up before it everyday.

I would get up without having to let the dogs out, maybe there would be a dog door for them to go out on their own. . .and they would feed themselves.

I would grab my coffee and home-made muffin, and sit down with my Bible (which I do), and I would have at least 20 minutes for some reading.

Then I would go on my nice morning jog since the heat in Az is so nice once it hits 9am.

After my jog I would come home and actually shower in the morning!!! Which would leave my hair fantastic and fresh:)

Then as I waited for the baby to wake up, I would enjoy the Today Show.

Now if I could just get the baby on board with my schedule, my wishful thinking could turn into reality!

1 comment:

  1. Once she is on your wishful schedule it will probably only last a wekk or two till she grows again and changes your schedule all over again ;)