A first time Foster Dad

I love my husband for many reasons that I could go on forever about and I know that (in order) he loves Jesus, loves me, and loves our family.  I knew that it was in my nature to be a mother and I was so excited for Brooklyn's birth, but it was fun to see that Ryan was also destined to be a dad.  Whether he admits it or not, it came so naturally to him.  Brooklyn is so blessed to have such an amazing father, and its been so rewarding to watch him become a foster dad as well!

Our first kids little girl "S" and big boy "S", did not have a dad.  They lived with mom and moved around from home to home with boyfriends, friends and family.  The kids did not have a stable home and were considered homeless, and they most definitely did not have a stable dad-figure in their life.  Little "S" and big "S" liked me, but they LOVED Ryan.  Both of the them immediately took so well to him and they loved to play, laugh, read and basically do anything with Ryan.  He also attached to them quickly and loved having a boy around the house!  Ryan is a loud dad, he quickly gives out nicknames to children and likes when they cuddle with him or sit on his lap in the morning.  I was so proud of the way he taught big boy "S" to pray to God at night and to thank him before our meals.  Although the experience of being a first time foster parent was quite different for me (as you might have read in my first post), it was so encouraging to watch my husband love on these kids that were temporarily in our home, they are God's kids and he truly cared for them as if they were his own.  

It was so different when little boy "E" and big boy "E" came to stay with us.  These guys had both a mom and dad and from the first night in our home we knew immediately who they feared in their house. You might have read in my previous post that the first night we had them was rough, but there was something else that night that gave us some insight into their little lives.  After choking Brooklyn, both boys returned to the TV and were talking, playing with Lego's and eating snacks.  As soon as Ryan walked in the door and they heard his voice. . . they straightened up, left all that they were doing to sit on the couch, and pretty much whispered the rest of the night when Ryan would address them.  For the first week the boys were pretty afraid of my husband, which was so sad to see.  Anytime that toys fell they immediately jumped and looked at him waiting for a response.  They didn't treat me well (came from a home where they didn't respect mom or women in general), but when it came to choosing a parent to do something for them, like drive to school, get them dressed or anything. . . they always wanted me to do it and not Ryan.  As time went on they started to play with him and loosen up but with that they also started to test my husband and his patience.

Yes, we hit some serious breaking points as a family, but through it all Ryan continued to seek after God and what His will was for us in the circumstances we were in.  Even if little "E" and big "E" had a dad, maybe during the time that they were with us they caught a glimpse of a loving, gracious and playful dad.  And maybe through us or when we took them to Sunday school, they learned about a Heavenly Father who loves them and we can only hope that seeds were planted in their hearts.

Now as I watch my husband play with little baby "G", I almost get this itch to have another baby.  That feeling comes and goes of course, but either way I know that any children we have in our home will be blessed to have Ryan as a permanent or temporary foster-dad.

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  1. Love you pouring your heart out Sara! Would love to get together with your family sometime. God works in AMAZING ways. Seeing how Ryan & you have grown since the Flagstaff days makes Eph 3:20 true. ♥ you and keep doing what your doing!