Before I go on to tell you another experience where I share my heart openly and might possibly shock you with the horrific thoughts that come from accepting kids into your home. . . I'm going to give a HUGE shout out of thanks!

When we first got little boy "S" into our home, we had just spent the last 13 months with a little baby girl and had no reason for boy stuff.  We also originally thought we would stick to just babies and little ones don't know if they are playing with a girl/boy toy! Yet here we were, with a 3 year old in our home, a 3 year old who absolutely loved toy cars.  Ryan and I were blessed to have my best friend Jerene collect clothes and toys from people at her work and some of her cousins as well.  One little boy cousin in particular went through and picked out some of his toys to share with the boy in my home who currently had none to play with.  We also were thankful for a ton of people at our church who donated clothes, a bike and toys for these kids.  Our family continued to receive gifts from kind people in our community, and when children show up at your door with only the clothes on their backs, you become so very grateful for people who graciously give.

When Big boy "E' and little boy "E" came into our home around Christmas time, not only did we have a complete wardrobe for them to wear including shoes. . . but our house was stocked with boy items to play with as well! Now we try to keep a budget at Christmas, knowing that presents aren't the reason we celebrate the holiday.  As the days passed in December we knew it would be hard to give a Christmas to three kids in our home and yet we wanted the boys to be blessed, knowing that they might not have ever received gifts in the big family they came from.  With the angel tree from our church, a local church in Scottsdale collecting gifts for kids in foster care, and other caring donations. . . both of the boys had a better Christmas then the rest of our family, and we were so happy for them.

Although the first two placements of kids in our home was a learning experience and stressful, busy time for our family.  It was wonderful that we had clothes and toys to provide the kids with, it gave us a few less things to worry about!  We can never express how grateful we were for the help, prayers, support and love our family received during this new foster care experience, it really helped me to see the simple blessings in the midst of our holiday worries.

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