Little "E"

Do you see this hair? We are Grey's Anatomy fans and if you watch it, there was an episode recently where Dr. Shepherd was wondering why people were giving him dirty looks when he held Zola. . . he kept thinking it was a race thing and it turned out that they were all looking at her hair that he didn't know how to take care of! This was Ryan and I for our first two placements, we did the best we could with the oils and lotions, but we still got the looks.

Oh Little "E".  The poor guy was in for a shock. He was the youngest of six siblings, he was the baby of the family. . . but not the baby in our home  He was already potty trained for the most part, only having accidents here and there.  He was quiet, but when he did talk you could hear that he was picking up big brother "E"'s speech issues.  Little "E" was the size of a three year old and super coordinated and athletic, so we treated him like a boy and not a baby.

After a week or so we felt so bad, but Ryan finally caught on to the reason behind some of his moodiness.  He needed to be the baby.  After Ryan would give the boys a bath he would rock little "E" on the chair, before bed he would rock him as well.  In the morning he wanted to sit by you, not like on the same couch, but touching your side while he held his blanket and chugged his morning juice down.

Little "E" had the sweetest smile and eyes.  I've told people this, and its hard to explain. . . but he looked like (Jim Carrey) The Grinch when he was a boy/baby.  He had the sweet mischievous eyes and the smile that curled up on both sides and the hair that spiked up.  I know its a weird comparison, but I can't look at his picture without thinking of the Grinch, we even used to sing the song to him around Christmas time!

Sadly Little "E" has been the baby in a home of domestic violence.  His brother Big "E" that he is closest in age to, has picked up some serious anger and rage issues from home, and unfortunately Little "E" gets some of the anger directed towards him.  Sure bothers can sometimes fight, but it was sad to see the little one get screamed at, hit, pinched, kicked and shoved from his brother when he was clearly unable to defend himself physically and communicate clearly in those bad situations.  The evidence of abuse in the boys' home came out through the way they treated us and each other.

We're not sure if Little "E" was ever told "no" before, maybe as the baby he was pampered a little. . . we're not sure.  Either way, anytime time you asked him to do something he didn't want to do, like take a few more bites of dinner before getting up, picking up toys, or heading to school- this little playful guy became a MOODY two year old.  Ryan did a really good job at making him happy again, he would say his name in funny ways to make little "E" smile, or give him a few more options than what I had suggested.  Oh AND he had child-asthma so he was taking breathing treatments twice a day, which is not so fun for a two year old or the foster parents trying to enforce the sitting still and keeping the machine in your mouth rules!

The best thing about little "E" was that he was lovable.  Immediately at school his teachers latched onto him, and although I don't believe in favorites, I'm grateful that he was a favorite at school because he deserved that attention.  Sometimes I would go to his classroom and he wouldn't be there, instead they would send him to another classroom where teachers would request that he would come for a few hours so they could be around him.  We are glad that we kept the brothers together in our house, but to be honest there were times that Ryan and I would comment about big brother leaving and little "E" staying with us permanently, because his attitude was 100% different away from his brother.

Although he is no longer in our home, I know that somewhere little "E" is winning the hearts of others.  I pray that he is with mom and dad (as long as its back to a healthy situation), but if he's not I'm still hopeful that his smile and curious eyes are helping the foster parents to see the good in this little boy's heart.

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