Blue-eyed Boy

As a teacher I've heard people say that after three years you're more than likely in the groove of teaching. No, teaching is not easier after three years, but you have a better routine of the curriculum, teaching standards, daily multi-tasking, hat-wearing and more (maybe).  I personally was a teacher for three years, but always teaching different grades each year does not make anything easier or routine!

We got our third foster placement on Saturday the 10th of March.  I hate to say that we "practiced" on the other kids, but for some reason. . . this placement felt SO much better.  I picked up 8 month old Baby "G" from the Phoenix Children's hospital.  I can't say many details online, but he was brought there for injuries, and CPS would not let mom take him home. . . poor baby boy.  They even found mom in another wing hiding out just trying to find any information on her little boy, from there she was escorted out.  I didn't know the entire story, but my heart went out to her as a mom.

Oh, little Baby "G".  He was alone in the hospital for almost 48 hours and the nurses had completely fallen for him.  When I went to pick him up, nurse after nurse came into the room to say hi and see how he was doing.  His smile was contageous and he was so happy just playing and hanging out in the crib.  I had the chance to feed him, play with him and then rock him to sleep in my arms before we left.  It was like I was taking my baby home from the hospital except that he wasn't a newborn, wasn't actually my son, and we wouldn't know how long he'd be with our family. 

Learning from our experience, we decided that Brooklyn needs to be the oldest child in our home.  It was really on Ryan's heart that we need to raise her, teach her manners, teach her about Christ and loving others and do the best we can as parents first before bringing in older kids into our home, especially ones that have bad habits and behaviors.  Brooklyn is at the fun stage where she does everything she sees, and spitting in my face is not something that we want her picking up.

We thought it would be better for Brooklyn to be the oldest-sister/role-model in our house, and we are happy with that decision.  Which might mean that she'll end up teaching little ones to be sassy, but sassy is better than nasty!  She immediately caught on to being the new big sister.  Although we had to keep her from being too rough with little Baby "G" (especially because he was still healing), she loved showing him around our house and he loved checking out our toys. 

What a joy and a blessing it has been, finally having a somewhat "normal" foster care experience.  It doesn't mean that everything is perfect, because CPS is far from perfect, but we have a little guy who fits with our family, and we are confident that we will do the best we can raising him while he is in our care.


  1. Good point that Brooklyn needs to be the oldest child in the home. I had not thought of that before. So glad that you provide Baby G and the others a loving home. My dad & my uncle grew up in over 20 foster homes. Most not so good.

  2. Sara, I admire your willingness and determination to make a house a home for these children. They are blessed to have You and Ryan. I'll continue to pray for your new journey.
    Love you guys.

  3. He is blessed to be with you! And the kids are so sweet together.

  4. I'm so glad that you have a little "break" with this newest placement. Not that any and every placement won't have its challenges, but your little fella sounds like a definite rest from the chaos! Happy for you!