Baby "G" turns 1

This picture was from our first visit with G's family, Ryan and I couldn't even fit at the table!
 This year Ryan got to share Father's day weekend with Baby "G"'s first birthday! Actually, Baby "G" had visitors on both Saturday and Sunday which totally trumped Father's day, so it was good that we had celebrated with Ryan earlier in the week.

We were excited to have the baby boy's family over again, and this time we were a little more prepared for the chaos that was about to take place in our house.  Baby "G" also basically shares a birthday with one of his brothers, so we celebrated them both!  Being the Martha Stewart that I am (or far from) I made two cakes for all of the kids and their family brought our favorite food, pizza.  We rented a bounce house from the church and the kids had a blast!

Can you imagine having five kids?  Five birthdays to celebrate, not including Christmas.  What do you set as a gift "standard" for your children when they're surrounded by kids who might have large birthday parties, or get most of the things they ask for. . . you know, like a cell phone at the age of 8.  "G"'s momma said that she stresses before every celebration, not having the money that other parents do, but still wanting to give her kids memorable birthdays.  It was really amazing to see her bring over gifts for her two sons.  She shared that when she walked into the store she prayed and asked that God would stretch her wallet for the boys, and by the smile on her face and the screams of the kids, He did provide. 

Baby "G" loved his party, and we loved hosting his family.  Somehow every time his mom is around God really sets me in my place.  Being a stay-at-home mom isn't easy, and if you didn't already know... my toddler is sassy and my foster son screams.  But I have a loving, supportive husband, my daughter is in my custody, I have a house that I can call my own, a car with air conditioning and many, many more blessings.  My small complaints are nothing compared to "G"'s momma's struggles, they don't even come close.

It was nearing nap time again and we were cleaning up the house getting ready to say good-bye to his family.  All of the kids had a silly string fight in our patio-room and I found Ryan and "G"'s mom scraping off the remnants and she asked me to join them outside.  I thought that I was stepping outside to scrape so immediately I picked up a dust pan and was using the edge to take off the string (that is still officially all over the room, its adds color).  After a minute or so, probably collecting her thoughts, "G"'s momma quit scraping and stood up with a serious look.  Then she proceeded to ask Ryan and I if we were willing to adopt her son.  Wait, what?!? 

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