I Hope she's not Crazy

After inviting Baby "G"'s family over to our house I thought to myself "I hope she's not crazy!"  Think about it, the birth mother knows where the Foster Home is. .. will she show up unannounced?  Will she be a creeper and look through windows at night?  Would she tell anyone else where Baby "G" is and then other crazy people or family members will come for him?

So many possibilities of craziness could happen, and perhaps I watch too much news and TV, but maybe you can't be too safe when it comes to the safety of your Foster son and family.

Then  I assured myself, "If she's crazy and starts to stalk us, I can simply get a restraining order against her." A simple fix.

On Saturday morning June 2nd, Baby "G"'s mom and four other siblings came over to swim and then we treated them all to pizza, the best meal ever in my book.  I had met mom once at a visit that was supervised for like 20 minutes, so I wasn't sure what to expect outside of that supervision with four other children.

Three hours later we had empty pizza boxes, exhausted children, happy dogs who enjoyed the company, a wide-eyed Brooklyn who was probably still wondering who all of the kids belonged to, and a sweet baby boy who got to spend some extra time being loved on by his family.  In fact, I don't think "G" was set down at all except to enjoy some pizza.

I wish I could tell you all about his family.  I wish I could describe his siblings to you and tell you about their outgoing and imaginitive personalities.  I wish I could share about his mom's life journey that brought her to where she is now.  Ryan and I thought that we would be able to speak Christ into her life a little, and in the end we found out that her entire family loves Jesus and that "G"'s mom was very aware of how God's been working in her life.  Wow

As nap time approached and we were ending our visit she said, "Thank you for trusting that I wasn't crazy, I promise that I won't just show up at your house."  It was like I had written my fears across my forehead or something.  I wonder how often people stereotype parents whose children are placed in Foster homes for one reason or another. Clearly there are reasons that kids are removed, and "G"'s mom isn't totally free of her issues, but we're all imperfect right? 

The funny thing is, the more I talk to "G"'s mom, the more I want to be friends with her.  We're the same age, and if we would've met at another time other than this akward "I'm legally in charge of your son" situation. . . we SO would be BFF's.  I realize that the law doesn't tell me I can't be friends with her, but I'm also smart enough to be aware that there have to be some boundaries in our current circumstance. 

So I thought to myself, "Maybe we can stay connected after "G" goes home to his mom, and Brooklyn can have play dates with him." 

But it turns out that God had made other plans for "G".

Be sure to welcome strangers into your home.  By doing this, some people have welcomed angels as guests, without even knowing it.  Hebrews 13:2

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  1. Yay! LOVE THIS!! This is just the reason I am so excited to work with bio families, if given the chance! Brad and I undoubtedly believe that us fostering is not just caring for children, but ministering to the families of those kids as well.