A Selfish Vacation

*Warning, this is a picture heavy post with quite a few "cheese" faces!

Have you ever gone on vacation and left one child at home? I know parents leave their kids with babysitters or family sometimes to enjoy a vacation with adults, but I mean have you taken one child with you and left one behind?

We did.  Well, we sort of did.  Baby G is not technically ours yet, but he's been in our home for 5 months and at this point he won't be leaving.  So when it came to our family vacation this year, you might think that he would already be included as a family member... but I didn't include him.  I use the word "I" because my husband disagreed.  We've been planning this vacation for a while and the way things were going originally with Baby G it looked like he was back at home before July.  Like I said before, I had imagined a summer spent with my daughter just traveling and doing fun activities and not having to worry about CPS visits, parent visits or special permission to go out of town.

So when Baby G was still around, Ryan assumed he would be coming with us, I felt differently.  He is still in state custody, he really isn't officially ours and might never be, oh and did I mention he screams?  I wanted to use the care that the state allowed us to leave him in a good home while we were out of town, and take this vacation to really soak up some time with our family of 3.  It sounds super selfish I know, but I did not have the emotional strength in me to prepare for a vacation that would've looked pretty different with him. 

Baby G can't be in public for longer than about 3 hours before he starts to fall apart and needs a nap.  He still naps twice a day and can't sleep in public in a stroller.  When he starts to fall apart he'll scream, and he won't stop until he's in a crib sleeping.  Some of our activities included the beach, SeaWorld and Disneyland. . . places that we would spend hours at, and would've been dissappointed to leave early from had there been a screaming baby with us. 

So now that I confessed my selfishness to all of you, I was happy in the end that even though Ryan "agreed to disagree" with me, he let me leave Baby G home.  And now that we are back from vacation and experienced some long days, three where Brooklyn actually didn't nap at all, I was assured that I made the right choice.  Now let me share some memories with you!

There's that beautiful cheese face!
Water in the sand with Dad, Andrea & Koston

She actually hated the water, but we LOVE the beach!
A few solo dates with the hubby thanks to naps & Andrea!
Captivated by all of the animals at Sea World! Dad was too.
Hey Beluga Whale
Loved exploring with my little miss!
Another happy cheese face!
Bike ride on Pacific Beach, her first one!
Dad gets to drive. . .
Mom's bike is always too unstable!

Mom's happiest day at the Happiest Place!
Her "awe" face during rides, we went on a TON!
Storytelling with Princesses, she sat through it all!
Sweaty during the parade, but fascinated by the characters and floats! Dad too.
We had no idea we were meeting Mickey, it just happened, ha!
I almost cried at least three to four times on the day we were at Disneyland.  No Joke. Mostly because I was so happy to be experiencing it with Brooklyn, and she enjoyed it more than we thought she would!
When we look back on pictures am I nervous for G's question. . . "Hey mom, why wasn't I there?", of course I am! But I already know my answer:
Go ask your Dad!

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