The Waiting Game

If you have ever worked with CPS, or really have gone to court for anything. . . you know that things take FOREVER! I mean really? Do we have to meet again in 6 weeks to go over the same thing?  Really? You forgot one paper and everything is postponed?  Ugghhhh.

I'm actually a little more patient than my husband but I still struggle with waiting.  In the past its been things like waiting to hear if they took our home offer (well multiple times for as much as we've moved), waiting to hear if he got the job, waiting to get pregnant, waiting for the next big event, vacation or holiday.  I often catch myself struggling with waiting and have to remember that everything is in God's timing.  But not only that, I shouldn't miss out on the blessings happening all around me simply because I'm waiting for the next thing. 

On July 9th we went to court with Baby G's momma.  Oddly enough, we were supposed to be sitting on the State's side with the other witnesses and our lawyer and instead we chose to sit behind G's mom to support her.  It was nice to be able to tell the judge that G was happy and healthy, and it was interesting to sit through the hearing.  CPS had known for a few weeks that G's mom was giving up her rights, and yet the social worker told the lawyer when she showed up for court.  Yes, court started at 2:30 and at 2:30 she told the lawyer of the news.  The worker also forgot the paper work for G's mom to sign therefore extending this process.  Really?  Now his mom, who had been throwing up for two days anxious about court, would have to go through this again.  She would also get another chance to think through everything. . . another reason why I don't get so attached. 

Finally on August 7th we were back at court.  This time Ryan and I personally signed as witnesses for G's mom when she signed the paperwork.  We also signed the post-adoption agreement which basically gave Ryan and I all the rights as parents and that we would forever have say over the communication between Baby G and his family.  Crazy.  He is still in the State's care, and yet we are permanently the guardians for a while.  This time his mom was totally at peace when she signed.  She told us that she knew for a fact it was the right thing to do, and that we were his parents.  Maybe God had given her that extra time not to question her decision but to find confirmation through prayer, reflection and time spent with Him. 

So as we sat in the court room behind G's momma, they proceeded with the hearing.  It was so fast but there were two things I caught, that there were two more court dates.  Wait, didn't we just sign papers?  It turns out that the paperwork needs a separate court date for it to be final, and bio-dad has a court date as well.  (Then my husband reminding me of the "checks and balances system" and we did agree that this was good for parents who were being wronged or family to step forward, etc)

So we find ourselves waiting again, this time until October 22nd.  We have to wait to start any adoption process and will be given a new worker through CPS.  But we can't do anything until October 22nd.  But then again I catch myself, because we are actually doing a TON of things.

Baby G is still in our home.  He is wakes up with us every morning and continues to eat all of our food.  Brooklyn and him are playing more and more together and copying each other all the time.  She gets anxious when he's not in the room and loves her little brother.   We have the blessing of watching him learn words like "Dada", "Bear" & "Bella" (our dogs names).  He's also walking now and it kind of feels weird to have two small children following me around the house all the time.  Like my own little fan club or roadies. 

So between now and October 22nd, instead of waiting I'm going to be connecting with our family of 4, taking the time to love on my son more and more, and counting our blessings that this worked out the way it did.  Baby G was my last straw, if it didn't work out well with him Foster Care was going to be on hold for a while.  And its crazy because his name (which I can't share with you yet) would have been the name of our son, had Brooklyn been a boy.  True story.  His first and last name were our first and middle name for a boy.  So hopefully in a few months we'll get to add "Senters" to the end of that and share our official family of 4 picture with all of you!

In the meantime, while we're NOT waiting to enjoy our time with this boy;), here are some pictures:
Ryan couldn't wait to cut G's hair, here's the before and after picture!
Then G's mamma freaked out at Ryan's hair cutting skills, so she fixed his hair! 

You can usually find them together!

B's hand me-down pink shoes, they work for the backyard!

Playing today at Toy Town

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