My Grass is Pretty Green

Lately there has been a theme going on in my life, heart and mind.  The theme continues to remind me of the words my Dad always said during my "poor me" days growing up, well, and mainly in my 20's. . . "Choose joy, Sara".

For the month of August our Children's theme for the 1st-4th graders that I work with on Sundays was "Contentment: Choosing to be Happy With What You've Got."  We talked about not wanting what others have because it can steal your joy, and we encouraged kids to think about all of the things that God has blessed them with, then choosing to be happy with that stuff.  That doesn't mean they might not get a better toy later on, but God wants them to be happy with what they have now.  Our memory verse for the month was "I have learned to be content no matter what happens to me." Philippians 4:11b

At the mom's group I attended at the beginning of August the talk was called "Bloom Where You Are Planted: Finding Joy in the Midst of Life's Circumstances."  Our speaker encouraged the moms to stop waiting for the next thing which can produce discontentment where God has planted you now.  We were reminded to not compare ourselves to the women who create masterpieces on Pinterest or the families on Facebook who's pictures make them look like they have it more together than we do.  We were challenged to look at the way we react to life's curve balls knowing that our reactions either shine Christ or they don't.  It made me wonder whether or not people see Joy in my life, even on the "poor me" days.

As many of you might know, being a stay-at-home mom is both challenging and rewarding at the same time.  Your days are chaotic, your house is more than likely trashed, if you're like us its VERY loud pretty much all day, you change poop filled diapers at least a couple times a day (possibly more with sick or multiple kids), you take nap time to clean or prepare dinner OR SHOWER and at bed time for the kiddos you have some peace until it all starts over again the next day.  What about adult interaction?  If you're lucky enough it might happen a few times a week, but there are days that my husband comes home and I TALK his ear off because he's my age, and he understands me unlike the toddlers in my house.

My house is loud, its crazy and non-stop.  Sometimes I think "Man, I can't wait until Brooklyn goes to school" and Baby G won't be too far behind being 8 months younger than her.  But then again I see all of the pictures on Facebook of parents dropping their kids off for kindergarten wondering where the time went. 

All month long as "Contentment" has been surrounding me I have been thanking God for the season that I'm in.  This fast-paced, a little one is always standing behind you, babies falling in the tub after you shower, toys thrown everywhere, floor is always sticky type of season.  As we are a few weeks away from Brooklyn's second birthday I already feel like time has flown and I hope I've been the mom to her that she deserves.  The mom that sits down on the kids' chair when she says "momma sit", the mom who kisses the play babies and diapers them (even if it means wasting a diaper), the mom who shares snacks because I can never eat alone. . .

I am beyond blessed, BEYOND blessed.  Even on my trying days I'll be praying for strength in this season and not be thinking about how life will be better when the kids are older.  It won't necessarily be better, just a new season!

This is our plastic cupboard that the kids are allowed to play with, the stuff is often thrown everywhere or found under couches.  You should see the drawer of baby stuff they're also allowed to play with, its so messy I'm too embarrassed to take a picture!

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