What Do We Do Next?

Like I said a few posts ago, Baby G isn't technically ours yet and we're still waiting on court, but we pretty much act like he is, because, well. . . he is.   So now our little family of three has turned into a little family of four.  And can I just say before going on that Miss Brooklyn and G are the cutest brother and sister ever.  At eight months apart G is quickly catching up with his words, climbing, playing and even hitting!  Today I watched him slap Brooklyn's head and instead of correcting it I thought "finally he can get her back".  I'm a loving mom, I know. 

I grew up with a family of four and we were perfect.  Not in like I'm bragging because a family of four is perfect kind of way.  Like in a "Leave it to Beaver" my parents are still together and my brother and I never fought kind of perfect.  You know, the families that don't really define "normal" in our society anymore, that was and is my family.  So at a cute (I think so) family of four, are we done? 

When your first child is almost about two, moms are either pregnant or starting to think about future kids.  And if they aren't thinking about other kids yet, people are still asking them about future children.  "When are you going to have a second?" I have a second now.  What about any future biological children? Well there hasn't been any protection since Brooklyn was born (TMI) and maybe one day I'll blog about our fertility issues or the MIRACLE that Miss B was and continues to be.

Then there's Foster Care.  Ryan and I knew that God called us to care for His children.  We had three placements of 5 kids total and people think that's so great of us.  Yet all I can think about are the families that have cared for 30-40 kids who have gone in and out of their homes. . .yeah, those parents are super-heroes.  Not exaggerating. 

Let me share some Arizona statistics with you from a recent article in the Arizona Republic:

* Child-welfare experts say there will never be enough foster homes until there are fewer foster children.

* The number of Arizona foster homes has declined 12 percent since 2009 while the number of foster children has increased more than 30 percent.  There are about 3,500 licensed homes for the 13,500 children in foster care. 

* Arizona is in desperate need of foster families throughout the state, but particularly in the poorest neighborhoods, where CPS removes the most children- including south Phoenix, west Mesa, central Chandler, Maryvale and west Tuscon.

Yikes.  What a sad reality for Arizona.  I like my family of four, and I was caring for three children from November through January, well. . . I wanted to cry often.  Well..I did cry often.  But we heard someone say that taking one at a time is easier, so now that G is adjusted do we move forward? 

Ryan and I have both individually sat down and made pros and cons lists.  The lists look about the same and the cons greatly outweigh the pros for our family in this current "season".  And yet I still can't stop thinking about the need.  I feel like if we came across a person who was without shoes, we work past any inconveniences to get that person shoes.  If we were to visit the shelters around the valley that are currently caring for kids from infants through teens. . .if we were able to see these kids in person and not just have the choice to put our name on a list or not, I feel like we would take a baby home, even with all of the cons.  There are so many cons...but there is such a need...what should we do?  I will post our pros and cons list later this week.

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  1. While I haven't had your experience in the foster system yet, I can still vouche for the difficulty of the whole thing. And I can only imagine how our experiences will be in the future with more children. But I'm like you guys...for our family, there seem to be more cons. But the chance to help these children is what God commands...whether or not we find it comfortable or not. :/ And the chance to love on these kids is priceless to them and to Jesus.