Momma Confession #1

I'm thankful that other momma's are able to admit they aren't perfect either, and am happy to share a few rants about mommy-hood from a lady I love.

I feel horrible when my kids are sick or teething, but at the same time I get excited that I get to give them Motrin or Tylenol, because it knocks them out. I may have even given them medicine when they show the "slightest" sign of discomfort...knowing that it will allow me to sleep a little longer :) (don't get me wrong, I don't give them Meds all the time lol).

I bribe both of them in the mornings with lollipops, so they will cooperate while I'm getting them ready for school. I let them watch tv and movies...all the time. Sometimes I catch a quick catnap on the couch while they watch movies. My son is a nose picker and booger eater because I haven't tried hard enough to stop him :/. I try to catch him and tell him to stop but sometimes if I know it will upset him I just let it go. I usually just say, do you need a tissue?

I gave up pumping and breastfeeding within three weeks after having my second son, because it wasn't convenient for me...having a toddler in the house and trying to pump all the time. I was forced to quit breastfeeding/pumping with my first son because I got mastitis really bad when he was 3 or 4 weeks old and I was actually kind of happy...because he would never latch and I hate pumping, I was excited to go to bottles.

And finally I let my son sleep in my bed the whole time my husband has been deployed, and now it's going to he so hard to get him into his own bed when the hubby gets back.

Thanks for sharing Momma! Let me just add that I can totally relate to loving baby medicine.  I would love to share one of YOUR stories if you'll share it with me, sara.senters@gmail.com.

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