Momma Confession #2

You know, sometimes writing can be therapeutic.  It is for me! Below a momma friend of mine writes about a struggle that is probably shared by other moms as well. 

For a little over a year my husband and I tried and tried to have a baby. Finally after being diagnosed and starting treatments, I became pregnant. We were so overjoyed.

Now the little joy is growing up and this mom is starting to feel the need for time away. I'm struggling daily with this. How dare I leave this little person I'd prayed for and actually want to be away from him. There are days that I think it would be so nice for someone else to tell him no, discipline him and let them be pulled at.

I'm always praying and talking to my husband about going back to work. But then the guilt sets in again. What does a mother do. . . Can I be both a great mom and a working gal again?

 My answer is yes! But I know that even with the ten tiny hours I work I still feel a small amount of guilt.  Feel free to leave any encouragement for this momma and don't forget to send your own confessions my way! Sara.senters@gmail.com

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