Welcome Baby D

When I got the 7th phone call from the agency, the lady who licensed us was doing the calls for placements that day.  It was so good catching up with her and she was amazed and delighted that Baby G was going to permanently be in our home!

While talking to her and explaining Baby G's journey, I was able to recall how God has truly had His hand in all of our placements, whether they were good experiences or not.  So when she asked if we would take a younger baby than we were prepared for I said "You know what, Ryan and I have been praying and have been passed up before, so sure! Go ahead and put our name in and if its meant to be we'll trust that God will provide."

Then I called Ryan and we had this conversation:

S-"Hey babe, we got another phone call for a baby, I hope you don't mind but I already said yes."

R-"That's fine, how old's the baby?"


R-"Sara, how old's the baby?"

S-"Well I might have to pick him up from the hospital, because he was just born."

R-"WHAT? Are you serious?  Well when did they call?"

S-"At 10:00."

R- (It's now 2:00) "Oh, okay then they would've called by now if we were chosen."

S-"Yeah that's true."

At 7:00 that night a CPS worker brought over Baby "D".  He was three days old. Three days old. Little baby D was born on Monday the 24th of September at 7.2lbs and 19in. long.


So here we go, taking things a day at a time with this little guy.  Or for me, taking things a night at a time with the feedings every two hours.

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