Anniversary Week: Day 1

Happy Anniversary week to us!  Thanks to everyone who officially "subscribed" to this blog recently, remember that all you have to do is click on the follow link on the right hand of the page.  I appreciate your support!

One year ago this week we took in our first placement, baby girl S (11 months) and big boy S (3 years).  They both had the best names that I have ever heard, and if there were any ethnicity in my family those names would likely be in the mix of our future babies.  If you see me or message me sometime, remind me to share the names with you!  (Not illegal as long as I’m not posting it publicly).

This brother and his baby sister were the breakthrough for our family into the Foster Care lifestyle, the unexpected decisions, shocking stories and broken kids in your home type of lifestyle.  Baby girl S and big boy S also came with a unique situation . . . their mom chose to give them up.  She had actually called CPS two times previously explaining that she didn’t want to care for them anymore and couldn’t handle being a mom, finally during the third phone call they couldn’t talk her out of it and she dropped off her kids in the middle of the night. 

As I look back now I am thankful that after those first two phone calls she wasn’t completely done with them, so when CPS talked her out of it she continued to care for her kids rather then drowning them in a canal or the bathtub.  You’ve seen this right?? How would the workers have known if she was actually crazy or not?  Thank you Jesus, for protecting these kids.

Ryan to this day says that he wants another little girl S, because three kids is not enough right now you know!  But I have to admit it’s hard not to forget about her contagious laugh and the way she ate a meal, it put all of our family to shame.  Her voice was very soft, but high-pitched like a fairy, and her scream (shriek) would definitely be a good competition for baby G’s screams!  My favorite memory of her is one that I was so glad people weren’t around to see:

Our friend had found a double stroller for us, it was probably from the 80’s, but nonetheless it was free and we were grateful! One Sunday morning while unloading our crew for church, I popped up the stroller, grabbed baby girl S first and placed her in the stroller.  As I went to grab her brother and the stroller was out of my view for a few seconds . . . I heard a loud snap and fall, followed by a very faint, fairy-like “Ah”.  I came around the corner and she was gone.  The stroller had snapped back together completely and crashed to the ground.  It wasn’t until I pried it open that I found baby girl S trapped, eyes filled with tears because her world had just gone dark and she was just staring at me, totally unharmed.  I looked around to make sure no one saw my embarrassing momma incident and then proceeded to carefully fill the stroller up again!

Ryan and I have no way of knowing if their mom ever placed the two kids back into Foster Care again.  Either way, we’ll continue to keep their health, safety, and His future plans for them lifted up in our prayers.

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