Anniversary Week: Injuries

Let me tell you why I'm unbelievably scared of injuries.  Not scraped knees, pinched fingers or dramatic tears over a little trip.  I'm terrified of head injuries. 

Many of you know that I picked baby G up from Phoenix Children's Hospital because he had a fractured skull.  The jury is still out on the way he got the injury, but I am about 95% sure that it was an accident.  He was always a quite floppy baby, and fell multiple times after we got him.  I am thankful for G's injury, because God worked out that bad incident into something good for our family.  I will forever be grateful that He put our families together and that his mother saw that he was ultimately a great fit for our family. 

But now, every time G hits his head, I'm scared.  And I don't mean like when he runs into the wall (because that does happen here and there) . . . I mean when he falls head first from the couch, and hits his head on the tile.  When he topples off the back of his favorite chair and his head lands on the tile.  When he gets excited walking into our room, trips and hits his head on the tile.  These aren't little injuries either, there have been multiple times where he has had a huge, sometimes colorful bump after wards.  He always stops crying because he's generally a happy guy, but I freak out.

I immediately call my mom, I document the fall, take pictures of his head, watch him after the incident and so on.  Normally I think that one or two of the injuries would have landed us in the ER just to check on him, but I won't go there.  Another terrible mom decision that I make.  But you know what, if Brooklyn took the same falls as G. . . I still wouldn't take her in.  I have a fear that my kids' accidents one day will have CPS investigating me.  I will not lose my kids over a toddler accident, I refuse to. 

Don't get me wrong, I look for all of the serious signs and if those came up I would pray to God and take my kids in.  However, I can't take the chance of being the worried mom over injuries anymore, the ones who send their kids in at any bump or fall.  That would be me, if I had never picked up G.  But I did, and he's my son and I love him.  I hate how clumsy he can be, but until his falls reach the next level (Dr.'s say his first injury was from the distance of a little higher than a counter to the ground), this little boy and all of my kids won't see any hospitals over things that I think might be serious.  I'm scared to lose them, even for one night, over an accident that leads to an injury.

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