Baby D Update

Have I updated you on Baby D yet?  As I sit here eating my kids' chocolate from last night (since it isn't good for them anyway right?) I thought I'd write while I have maybe 20 minutes before the beasts are released from their cages cribs.

D's momma has been addicted to crystal meth since she was a teenager, six years later she's still using and doesn't legally have any of her children.  Her last baby that was severed from her is not even two years old yet. 

Side note- I know that we can't understand God or His plan, but when I get to heaven I'm going to ask about the issue of all the amazing families who struggle with infertility, and the unhealthy/drug using moms that pop out babies like no body's business.  Maybe He won't give me an answer or maybe I'll be too in awe of Him to ask. . . and maybe He'll tell me that He had a plan for those babies who were "popped" out, that they would go to the families struggling with infertility.  I'm not sure?

Thankfully D's mom decided to stop using during her last trimester, so he tested negative to drugs when he was born and has been quite healthy ever since! Praise Jesus.  So now D is 5 weeks and a few days old, in the 50th percentile for height and weight, and has more hair than Ryan- well pretty close at least. 

His longest stretch of sleep at night has been three hours, but for the most part he wakes up every two for the bottle.  Is this normal for a formula baby?  I have no clue, but I do know that I appreciate bottles a little more than boobies right now due to the fact that my husband can take turns feeding little D with me!  I love that Ryan is so helpful and I don't know that I'd survive Foster care without him, honestly.

I am SO tired.  Seriously tired.  I thought about when Brooklyn was a newborn, and for some reason she seemed easier.  Then I realized why. . . because there weren't two toddlers in the house.  It was just us girls, feeding and watching movies and TV all day.  I had time to clean the house, make meals and cuddle on her, it was glorious! Now I almost feel bad that D misses out on the cuddle time that she had, but then I tell myself he's getting more cuddles right now then he would if he was placed into a group home,shelter, or was homeless with his mom.  

His social worker informed us that his next court date is January 14th.  This will be a publication for the parents to show up because so far mom has already missed two court appearances and they are basically saying that she's abandoned him.  Poor baby D.  However, they do know who dad is and are seeking him out.  If dad doesn't want anything to do with  D they will look into ALL of his relatives.  In fact, baby D's last sibling is with a great aunt in her mid-sixties. 

So here's what this all means for the Senters family.  Baby D is for sure in our home until mid-January.  If they find relatives who are eligible to take him they will start "services" but he will still be in our home.  If mom or dad show up in January he will remain in our home while they start working with one or both parents.  Potentially this little baby that we've had since day 2 could be with us for around 7-8 months until he would leave.

This is the hard part of Fostering, the unknown.  Will they find family? Will mom clean her act up?  How will our kids feel losing a little brother after so long?  When will he start sleeping better at night? Ok, that's an extra question I added:).

If you pray, please join us in praying for little baby D.  Workers have warned us that drug abuse from moms can show up later in babies, pray that that he continues to be healthy.  Pray that if they find a family member, that person is healthy, stable and will love baby D as much as we do now.  And finally, pray that God continues to give us the strength to provide the attachment and nurturing that this baby needs for his development and health in the midst of the unknown circumstances of his case.

Thanks friends.

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