Momma Confession #3

  Here is our third Momma Confession!  Remember, no judging allowed, it makes me cry for myself and others.  This is a friend that I reached out to asking if she had any stories she wouldn’t mind sharing, here was her response:

I have screamed at my strong willed daughter, even cussed at her...sometimes I throw things...called my teenager names.  Some days I hate my husband and think men are the biggest idiots on the planet (I have even wished my husband dead so I didn't have to parent with him anymore...now that’s twisted) since they have no idea how hard it is to be a mom...ya I guess I have a few of those stories...ok I have a lot.

I think the hardest part of being a Christian mom is the shame that comes along with all of this...so it's nice to know you are not alone in trying to be the best mom you can be but feeling like at times you fail. My kids are my world...I prayed for them through years of infertility...I love them, but some days I can't stand them! :):)

After she wrote this to me, she got nervous and responded with a paragraph in her defense, as if I thought she was crazy.  Are you kidding?  I loved her honesty and was tickled by her husband comment!  I thought it would be fair to add her explanation here:

I have been married a long time and have already raised one teenager and have a 10 year old very strong willed, super smart (smarter than me of course) daughter and a toddler at 43 years old. So, at times I have felt insane, mostly as they get older...that's when I feel like I lose control of them and fear sets in....just wait until your first one drives!!!

Thanks for being a transparent Momma!  I know that having older kids is a whole new ball game, guess I’ll just take my toddler tantrums one day at a time knowing that my kids will grow up faster than I think!

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