My personal, Momma Confession #4

I know that you have to keep your eyes on little kids constantly, I remind my husband of that fact often.  But no mom is perfect right?  This past weekend I made a little, or big, mommy mistake.  It’s kind of a confession, so I’ll just call it #4.

Everyone knows that infants love to be on their belly right?  Or maybe that just goes for most of the babies that I have known, either way . . . Baby D sleeps well on his stomach!  SIDS scare right???? So of course like a good mom I only lay him on his belly when he’s on the couch with me or while the toddlers are napping.  Every night he sleeps on his back, swaddled like a little burrito.  I promise.

On Friday while I was feeding B and G lunch, Baby D took a little nap on the very back of the couch, covered lightly with his thin blanket.  I’m cautious, I know.  It was time for naps after both the kids were done with lunch so we started that routine.  Brooklyn grabbed her shopping cart and was walking around the kitchen while she waited for me to change G’s poop and lay him down.  I had G on the changing table in the room when it happened . . .

The baby started crying.  Which only means a few things in my house: one of the kids is pulling his leg, pinching his cheek or slapping his belly.  With G on the changing table, diaper open and poop exposed, I had a few seconds in my head to determine how I was going to leave G and go check on D too see what Brooklyn was doing to him.  And then the thinking ended when I heard the sound of the little cries coming towards me in the house. 

That’s when I stopped breathing.  I left the poop and G on top of the table and ran out of the room to find Brooklyn carrying Baby D to me.  He was screaming; his arms were so high up because she had both of her arms under his armpits and her fists were together squeezing the baby in order to carry him while she waddled toward me.  Before I blacked out from not breathing, I quickly grabbed the baby.  As soon as he was in my arms D immediately went back to sleep, which made me feel better knowing that his pain was only temporary while he was being carried by the 2 year old. 

This may not sound that bad to you, but the reason I stopped breathing is because I had no idea how she was carrying him and other than my bedrooms our entire house is tiled . . .old, hard, nasty tile.  It's a far distance from our couch and the bedroom I was in, and if D had been dropped in between there’s no doubt we would have ended up in the hospital and CPS would’ve been called.  Mommy lesson learned.

To top off my great Mom moment . . . as I ran towards Brooklyn I was yelling “sh#@, sh#@, sh#@” over and over again, classy I know.  So after the drama was over, (which by the way she didn’t get in trouble, she was just trying to help and I reminded her that only mommy carries the baby) Brooklyn went and grabbed two of her own babies, started taking care of them by hugging and patting them both on the back . . . and while she carried them around the house she was saying “sh, sh, sh, sh, sh” just like her momma.  Nice job, Sara. 

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