A Family Update

Seriously, those cheeks!

Our sweet Baby D:  Last week we had a visit from his worker.  She told us that the state found his mom.  I think my heart stopped beating for just a moment.  But then she went on to say that the only reason they found her was because his mom’s name went on some official list when she became incarcerated.  Oh thank God.  Am I wrong to say that?  I definitely believe in second chances, but with two sons severed and the history of her meth addiction . . . I was kind of hoping that since Baby D hasn’t seen her since day one, maybe he never will and we could just keep him.   I know that foster care isn’t that easy though.

Speaking of foster care (or the system) not being that easy . . .
Superman G!

Our son Baby G:  The longest process of an adoption study is sending off your fingerprints to the FBI, the results take 6 to 10 weeks to return.  Three weeks after we sent ours in, the court sent us a letter to notify us that they never actually processed our prints because of the way our check was written.  (Which could’ve been avoided had our case worker known of the rules).  So we paid over the phone, and are now waiting 6 to 10 weeks, again.  The good news is; we received another letter from the court stating that they got our adoption request, and all the paperwork must be in and completed by the 31st of March.  So the timing really wasn’t what we expected, but everything is in God’s timing.  Plus in the meantime, childcare is free- woo hoo!

Finally, a personal prayer request.  Like I mentioned in a previous post, two weeks from today Ryan and I are headed to India with our church.  I’m thankful for the financial support and family support that made this trip possible for us.  Our three kids will be with Nana, Papa Mark, Grandma and Papa John while we are out of the country.  Prayers for the grandparents would be much appreciated because as you can imagine, three kids under two is quite easy.

On the other side of being thrilled to run a VBS for orphans, hang out with women rescued from prostitution, work at a medical camp and feed and spend time with lepers . . . I am terrified to leave my kids.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about spending time away from them and have done up to three days before (totally missing them on the third day) but ten full days?  And its not so much how I feel, but I can’t even explain to babies why mommy won’t be around for a while.  They won’t understand when I’m coming back, or even the time-length of when I’m gone.  It makes me sad to think that they might feel abandoned.  I know they’ll be having the time of their lives, but prayers would be much appreciated for my sad heart. 

So there’s our family update.  Love my family. Love the new experiences 2013 will bring.

Check out this video to see the ministry we are working with!



  1. Awesome update, Sara! I'm bummed about your fingerprints. What a rollercoaster we ride. When we submitted ours, before turning them into our worker, I swore that the courts would send mine back to re-do them because my little fingers don't have definitive prints like Brad's and mine didn't look as clear. I was nervous until we heard they cleared. So many things make our hearts skip a beat! And mine would have as well regarding baby D and finding his mom. I'm glad she chose to birth him and then left him where he'd be safe and be able to be cared for. But I'm glad that YOU have him and will hopefully get to raise him for a long while :)

  2. Think about a calendar for B. So sje can cross off the day each night or morning. In each square you can write a note about where you are or what you are doing or a love message. It might help her visualize the time left and be able to see the end and your return. I made one for my kids and can emsil you pics if you want.