Baby D's Case

Yesterday as I tucked Baby D back into his car seat at the gym, naturally the workers were bragging about how sweet his is.  He is SO sweet.  Then of course because we were talking about Baby D, I worked into the conversation the fact that we were headed to court for him this Thursday.  So excited she replied “Yeah, to make it official!”

And then I punched her in the face. 

Ok, not really.  I’ve actually only punched one person in my life and it was a boy in eighth grade- long story. 

I politely said, “I wish! Things are always a little more complicated.”  She continued to ask questions about fostering and told me about someone she knew who took in kids.  She also told me how the workers were wondering what D’s story was, because clearly he doesn’t look like he belongs with us. We had a great, small conversation about fostering and then I shuffled my kids through the parking lot, a scary thing we face almost daily. 

I heard from one of my favorite authors recently, that as an adoptive parent you have an internal struggle on how you speak about adopting.  On one hand you want to tell everyone you know to adopt, that it will change their life and bring unexpected blessings, but on the other side of that you want to share how hard it is and be real with people.

I was the person who brought up the court case and I didn’t need to.  I could’ve picked up the kids, listened to the lovely compliments on Baby D and then walked out of the room.  But I like to open up that door; I want people to be informed and to know that kids need homes in Arizona.  Ryan often asks why I mention that G started as a foster son when people are confused by the eight month difference between my kids.  Because I want them to know.  I want people to know that I deal with the ugly CPS system to give kids a bed.  I want them to look at me, see that I’m (somewhat) young, that there isn’t anything special about my family, and that we took the steps to care for children who are not able to be cared for by their own family.  If I’ve committed to this ministry, then I might as well share about it.

Tomorrow morning we head to court for Baby D.  It will be the first time that Ryan and I are there in person for him.  Dad appeared to the last court case in January.  And by appeared I mean that he called in from prison. But dad has rights, and he listed a family member that he wants Baby D to go with.  There is a process of course like a paternity test to double check, asking the family member if they’re even interested and a few more things.  The family member has to agree to adopt D because dad won’t be out anytime soon and the courts won’t let a baby wait for two years in foster care just for him to be released. 

So as always, we’re trusting God with our family.  We know that He has huge plans for Baby D and whether we will see those plans play out or not is up to Him, and that’s okay.  We probably won’t ever take a newborn in again, because I didn’t realize how quickly I would attach to a brand new baby (our family has as well!).  But I guarantee that our time doing Foster Care is not over, and sharing about the kids that need homes will continue!


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