God Wants to Show Off

Apparently in the State of Arizona there is a law that says when babies are 6 months of age in the system they need to have a plan and be on track to find a permanent home.  Then at 18 months of age those babies are in that permanent home, something that is best for their development.

I’d like to call B.S. on the State.

Months ago I asked D’s lawyer if we could get a child psychologist to testify on his behalf.  His social worker is a witness, but not someone who his certified to state what’s best for the child’s development and well being if he were to leave our home at this young age.  The lawyer nicely said “I understand your fear Sara, but trust me, we’ve gone to trial with many of these cases, we won’t need another witness to help our side, it’s an easy win.”

I’ll call B.S. on her too.

D’s trial was on December 13th , the judge took all of the evidence, the evidence shared and the folders holding more to be reviewed and he was going to make a verdict at a later time.  So we waited and waited until finally two months later on February 12th I received the phone call with the results.

The State failed to prove that there could not be a bond formed between Dad and D after all of this time. 

My heart sank. 

I cried over the news but then I got angry.  Like, Momma Bear angry.  I ran through the trial in my head and knew exactly why the judge ruled the way he did.  Not only did D’s case worker say “I don’t recall” through almost half of her testimony, but after some deliberation from Dad’s lawyer she was asked “so there is a chance that a bond could be formed at the age of 2 after never meeting this man?” and the worker hesitated, and then said yes.  D’s personal lawyer didn’t even ask any questions, she had this in the bag right? Wrong. 

There was an enormous amount of evidence going against D’s father that after his lawyer heard the verdict she actually said to our case worker “What the f*@# happened?”  Dad’s lawyer, the person representing him was blown away by this news.  But you know what, she did her job.  She represented this criminal to the best of her ability and gave him a fair chance at trial.  Her effort worked. 

Unfortunately everyone on our side was also blown away by this news.  And yet after being in the courtroom it was easy to see that they believed they had an easy win, not simply because the lawyers had mentioned that to me a few times, but by the laid back actions that sure didn’t look like an effort to me.  D’s life depends on his lawyers and a decision made by the judge, and they weren’t fighting for him.

Bull s*#@.

So here we are in the month of May.  The month that D’s dad gets released from prison, where he’s been in and out over the last twenty years.  We go to court on June 18th and from there we will have some answers.  Technically services will be put into place for dad and eventually visits would start with D.  I’m sure those visits will be fun with our baby who hates strangers. 

We have an appeal in motion because get this . . . the judge was brand new to child court!  But an appeal will take months and our best chance is that dad doesn’t actually care when he gets out.  On another note, we found out that we have rights as foster parents after so many months (we’re at month 20 to be exact) so if things start going south with the case or appeal we’ll be getting our own lawyer.  I’m not about to lose my son to this messed up system without a good fight.

I know this is a ministry that we chose, and months ago I would’ve been fine transitioning D to family (remember that cousin?) but at this point- services for a year and then leaving our home around the age of 3????????? Nope.  Not happening.

I could go on and on with my thoughts on his case, with the trial, the verdict, his lawyers, the State.  But instead I want to share with you the peace that I found.  I was so thrown off by this verdict, I can’t even begin to list the amount of people that I knew were praying for Baby D.  I was almost embarrassed to share this news, as I felt like the hundreds of prayers had failed.  Then my Nanny reminded me that those prayers were crucial and that I just need to continue to ask for them.  We had been praying for the judge to sever the rights of the father, and he ruled against that.  So now we are praying for an even BIGGER miracle.  God is going to show off, I just know it.  When a miracle happens, whatever that looks like, and we adopt little D . . . all of the glory will belong to Him. 

So thank you to everyone who was praying for D, and please continue to pray for his Dad, for his development, that the State will rule in his best interest and that ultimately God will perform a miracle in his case.   

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