Bathing Suit Beauties

A few weeks ago I took a quick weekend trip to Las Vegas.  Not only was it a much needed Momma break but the main reason I went was to attend the Britney Spears ‘Piece of Me’ show and ohmygoodness I just love her.  Don’t judge me.  I love her. 

Out of an unbelief that I was actually there I cried when she started the first song.  Then I pulled myself together to not embarrass myself because how ridiculous right?  As her second song started the tears started up again.  Apparently crying over my family, touching stories and injustice is not enough, Britney Spears gets some tears from me as well. 

Moving on. 

On the Saturday that we were vacationing my sister-in-law Lindsey and I had a pool day, probably my second favorite thing to seeing my girl B.  I can’t remember the last time that I laid out at a pool, read a magazine and wasn’t in charge of anyone.  I know that other moms understand this, don’t even get me started on what a pool outing looks like with kids!  So as I lounged on the chair I really took an appreciation for my get-away and the peace that I felt in resting. 

Even in the midst of relaxation, something in me changed that day at the pool.  Really.  At a drunken party pool in Las Vegas I had a perspective shift.  Usually as a woman, I’m looking around at all of the other women, checking out their bathing suits, sunglasses, hairstyles, cover ups and etc.  I’m comparing a little bit right?  That thing I’m not supposed to do but yet from the time I was a pre-teen it was the first thing I did at most pool parties. 

As I laid back and looked around at all of the women in their suits I found myself reflecting on what I would normally do.  Normally I would see women and judge them on the choice of suit they picked depending on their body type.  Agh! Don’t hate me.  I admit I used to be that person and I’m ashamed.  Have you ever said anything along the lines of “she should not be in that bathing suit”, “I think she needs some carbs” or “I would’ve covered up more if that was me”.  TERRIBLE.  Maybe you don’t say the words out loud but the thoughts have crossed your mind.  Just admit it.

But this year at the party pool in pursuit to be a woman who supports women, my perspective changed on the bathing suit choices.  As I looked around at all of the various and unique choices of suits I simply saw CONFIDENCE.  I was proud of the boldness of the 70 year olds sun bathing in trendy suits, I was impressed by the group of girlfriends that were playing in the shade with their infants and had made no attempt to cover up stretch marks.  I was inspired by the curvy women who weren't covering themselves from head to toe. Women were rocking their bathing suit choices all around me, and it was refreshing.

I used to tell myself that in their shoes I wouldn’t have picked a certain suit, but that was due to my own lack of self-esteem.  I was inspired by these strong women who could probably give a crap about what others thought of them in their suits, they were bold and confident in their skin.  They were beautiful.  I want to be that woman, the one who doesn’t give a crap about what others think. 

I started feeling that way in my parenting choices but I need to remember to find that boldness in how I feel about myself, my post-baby body and the way that God created me.

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