Two More

Here we go.

We just added two teens to the house.

Now we have two more mouths to feed.
Two more piles of clothes to wash.
Two more seats used up in the van.
Two more beds in our house.
Two more heads to account for in public.
Two more spaces used on the couches.

Jammeelah is 14, she moved in first and has been with us for over a week now.  Her sister Shaniqua just moved in this past Friday, she'll be 16 in July.  Let me be real, it's not all cherries and pie over at our house right now.

This isn't easy, but we are thrilled.

Thrilled because we have two more kids.
Two more bodies to hug.
Two more heads to kiss.
Two more personalities to add to the family.
Two more lives we're blessed to be a part of.
Two more girls that God placed in our home.
Two more kids that we get to love unconditionally.

Here we go.

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