Preschool Saved Me

On August 11th, 2014 my world was rocked.  I’m not talking about winning free tickets to a concert or hearing a voice from heaven. Still life changing though, two of my littles went to preschool. I HAVE KIDS IN SCHOOL.  For the first time in at least three years the ratio in my home during the day is somewhat normal.  With a 16 year old and four kids ages 3 and under, this Momma is whooped. 

Because my husband and I are in the midst of planting a church, financially we qualified for and were awarded with a preschool scholarship.  Paying for preschool is outrageous, and the kids usually end up going two to three days a week for about 3-4 hours.  Brooklyn and Gavin attend Monday through Friday from 7:45 until 3:00, and we pay $50 a month for them to go.  Oh my goodness, even writing it down makes me giddy.  That’s about 7 hours a day where three of my kids are out and I just have two babies in my home.  World rocked.

At first I started to feel guilty, I was supposed to be sad about my kids going to school.  Moms are meant to want to hang on to little guys a bit, especially three year olds.  I’m supposed to embrace the time that they’re at home, maybe even skip out on preschool and just teach them myself before they head to kindergarten.  But then I remembered that Brooklyn has spent almost four years at home and Gavin’s been around for almost three.  Memories have been made, lessons were learned, booties were wiped, cartoons were watched, crafts are hanging in the halls and so I just don’t feel bad anymore.  Like, at all.

Let me share two reasons I am guilt free, one reason includes my boys Maddox and Little D.  Two boys that have never had the chance to spend special time with their Momma now get 7 hours a day. D gets so mad when he has toys taken from him because they belong to someone bigger, now he spends his days roaming our house playing with anything and everything he wants.  Here and there he’ll take the toy over to show Maddox, but he doesn’t have to share.  He gets time to experience being the biggest guy in the house and he loves it.  Then while D naps, Maddox gets some undivided attention.  I get to cuddle, lay on the floor and laugh with my sweet 9 month old.  Each day I have time to give special attention to these two young boys, and its time that I will never get back.  I am so thankful for preschool. 

The other reason that I am guilt free is because my kids are attending a school right down the street from us.  Selfishly I am so excited to have an easy reason to be out in my community!  Here’s a peek into our more urban neighborhood- they are the only two white kids in their classroom.  Actually, they are the only white kids on the entire campus.  I love it.  My husband and I have the opportunity to meet more people from South Phoenix, which means we’ll have more people to love on and more people to learn from. So we can skip the awkwardness of forcing our family into events where we might not be invited or trying to make conversations with strangers at the grocery store, we have an in!  Our kids are in preschool and it gives us an easy pass into the community, conversations can be started with other parents about the school, our kids are learning the same things and we have something in common that evens the field.
            I am so thankful for preschool, in many ways it saved me from the chaos in my house, but more than that it’s another chance for my family to shine Jesus with our lives.  I believe that God calls us to be light to our communities, and I know that even at a young age my own kids can be a light in their preschool. 

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

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