A Farewell to Mia Sophia

They say that a dog is a Man’s best friend, but they are definitely not this Momma’s friend.  Not one bit. 

Our family had two dogs for about six years but as soon as I was pregnant with Maddox we knew we could not handle four small children and two medium size dogs.  They often attacked each other and you never knew if a child was going to make it into the middle of the attack.  We were able to adopt out Bella, the meanest one, and thought we could hang on to Bear.  That’s when Bear started to be anxious around the kids and one day she bit Gavin in the face.  Goodbye Bear.

We found ourselves at peace without animals.  I changed enough poop and throw up, fed enough mouths and had enough tasks to worry about that I didn’t miss the chores of dogs.  Now skip forward eight months to Valentine’s Day.  My dog-loving husband somehow brought up the topic of dogs, maybe that’s all we had left to talk about?  Either way I thought we were “dreaming” a little, and we discussed that our next dog would be a small lap dog, one where we might worry about the dog getting hurt and not the kids.

Valentine’s day was Friday.  Ryan brought home a dog by Sunday.

“She’ll be my baby” Ryan said.  “I’ll potty train her” he said. 

This nursing Momma refused to take on another baby, one that was still having milk mixed for her.  I was at my max, and yet somehow as time went on I was the one taking care of Mia.

She’s so cute right?  Let me share her specialties with you. 

She pees in the house. ALL OVER my carpet.  We lived in this home for eight months without any dogs and she came right in and ruined our new carpets.  At first it was a pee spot here and a pee spot there, we’d catch her and take her outside, then I would take the cleaner to the spot.  The spots started to outnumber me, the children already do.  A few months go by and my carpets are permanently spotted.

She POOPS in everyone’s rooms.  I had to start training Brooklyn and Gavin to grab toilet paper and pick up the small poop to flush down the toilet.  If I couldn’t train the small dog I was definitely training my 3 year-olds to help, my 30 year old for some reason wasn’t around for the poop cleaning.

She eats pacifiers.  ALL OF THEM.  Every week we went to the store to buy at least two packs and every week they were gone!  One would fall out of the baby’s mouth and within seconds she would swipe it and run under a couch where we couldn’t reach her.  I have even watched her walk up to the baby’s face and gently take it out of his mouth.  What a little beast.

There are 10 eaten pacifiers in this picture with four more underneath my bed, this was only two weeks worth and the tips of the nipples are all found in her poop.  Good times.
My last straw was this . . . We are potty training Gavin and he actually pees in the toilet every time but won’t go number 2.  One day I caught him about to go in his underwear so I rushed him to the bathroom, when I pulled down his underwear a fresh log fell out and before I could do anything Mia rushed in.  However, because she is so small she couldn’t just eat it quickly, so she picked it up like a stick and ran straight under the front room couches to finish it off.  Goodbye Mia.

So Mia went to doggy heaven.  It’s not what you think; doggy heaven is Nanny’s house.  My grandmother, who treats dogs as if they are her babies, has taken guardianship of Mia.  Mia spends her mornings sitting in Nanny’s lap watching cars drive by.  She chases bunnies outside in the bunny-filled yards of Sun City.  She goes to the bathroom OUTSIDE, because Nanny can hear her when she heads to the door, and has time to walk out with her until she is finished with her business.  Instead of eating poop, children’s toys and baby pacifiers, Mia is chowing down on food and normal dog toys. 

As much as I won’t miss her around, I don’t regret the time we had Mia in our home.  I’m not upset about the damage she caused to my house, because there was a reason that she was around for those 7 months. 


She was around to lick and love my children during the transition of moving teenagers in.

She was around for the teenage girls; she sat on their new beds with them, watched movies and made them feel welcome.  They helped to take care of her sometimes, which gave them ownership in a home that was new to them. 

During the various moments of awkward CPS conversations she was a light-hearted distraction.

On the day that Baby D’s court had a devastating ending, the way she chased the kids around the house was the only thing that we could laugh at through the tears. 

When people asked how we were doing over the summer she gave us something to talk about, because we didn’t know how to talk about the stress and anxiety that was present in our home. 

She graced us with her beastliness at the perfect timing.  And after my Nanny recently lost a dog and has another sick one, Mia moves into her house at the perfect timing as well.

I’m so thankful that God found a way to turn my husband’s impulse purchase into a purposeful purchase.

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