Happiest Place on Earth

The Happiest Place on Earth.

My family went there last week.

It was incredible, definitely hot, but oh so wonderful.

I’d like to think that some people agree with me when I say it’s the Happiest Place on Earth.  I also know that there are people who completely disagree and are not Disney fans at all.  Or maybe they like Disneyland but they believe calling it the Happiest Place on Earth is a little too much.

For myself, I would have a hard time calling it the Happiest Place on Earth if I truly believed that it was the only Happiest Place for my family.  That only once a year we would find ourselves full of joy in the experience of the Disneyland Park.  How sad of a view that would be.

While we were in California last week there was a record heat wave, of course.  We were supposed to be at Disneyland on Tuesday and Wednesday but we decided to use our second day pass on Thursday when it was almost 14 degrees cooler.  So Wednesday we headed to Huntington beach and introduced our little D to the ocean for the first time.  Our 16 year old had only been once before, along with our son Gavin. 

Watching my kids run into the water screaming with joy, it took everything in me not to sit in the sand and just sob happy tears.  Seriously, I was holding tears back.  I literally thought to myself, oh this is the Happiest Place on Earth.  And for those few hours, it really was.

After spending last week on such a high with my family on vacation, I started reflecting about some moments that I have simply at home.  Whether it’s with my children, spouse, or even alone, what are some things that count as other Happiest Places on Earth for me.

Laying on the floor and letting my 10 month old crawl all over me, laugh and snuggle his head into my body.

Sitting around the dinner table and listening as all of my littles join in on the family prayer, some words are recognizable and some aren’t.

Spending time with my husband.  Anywhere.

Playing in my daughter’s room while she “cooks” and puts you to “sleep”.  Her brothers often end up under blankets with the lights out.

Watching a movie with our 16 year old who values quality time and just being in the same room with us.

Listening to little D sing “Let it Go”.  Again, almost totally unrecognizable other than the familiar sounds that go along with the music and the really loud “GO” that he sings. 

Having a glass of wine with friends.

Having a church community that’s less of a church and more of a family.  Watching my kids dance and worship with both sets of their grandparents, and raising their hands to copy their Papa praising.

Drinking coffee and reading the Bible early in the morning when the house is peaceful.

Listening to my husband preach. 

Everything on the list above has made me tear up before, tears of joy and tears of contentment.  In all of those moments I feel like I’m at the Happiest Place on Earth and most of the time it’s right in my own home.  But more than that I find it’s not the place but the people I am surrounded by.  Wherever my family is, is my Happiest Place on Earth.


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