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Let’s talk wardrobe.  

A little over five years ago there was a time in my life where I only had to consider myself and the hubby when it came to our finances.  We checked off the boxes of bills, savings, groceries and all of that but would have some extra cash to spend on ourselves as well.  I often found myself in Ross and T.J.Maxx at least every other week (okay every week)

Now I have faint memories of Ross and T.J.Maxx. I miss them dearly.  My good friend gave me money to shop for my 30th birthday and I told her that everything in me wanted to simply browse through T.J.Maxx and Home Goods.  I miss browsing.  During the past few years of Mommy hood the way I’m able to shop has drastically changed.  I no longer have extra cash at my fingertips to purchase a shirt for myself when I feel like it.  I also don’t have time to browse for two reasons: the kids are with me so we head into the store with a mission to check out before the snack bags are empty.  Or I leave Ryan at home with the kids and I’m rushing to get back home because the longer I take to shop the more damage to my house or text messages I receive. 

I miss shopping.

Since I don’t have extra cash, I’ve always loved the idea of selling clothes to a second hand store.  I shop at Kid to Kid often and appreciate that I’ve been able to sell my kids’ clothes to them because it allows me to buy the new sizes that they’ve grown in to.  Resale stores are fabulous, so naturally I thought about gathering my clothes to maybe come up with some extra cash for a few new fall outfits.  Little did I know that it was going to be a very humbling and terrible experience.

First I collected my clothes.  I found some tops and bottoms that were in nice shape, even a few that were really good name brands!  I had collected a large bag full of what I thought was really nice stuff, but also things that I knew I was done wearing.  I headed to the first resale store and I was rejected. And by saying that “I” was rejected, it was actually my clothes that were turned away but you know it still feels bad.

So I told myself, “Okay, buck up Sara, you have really nice clothes to offer and just went to the wrong store, head to another one!” 

The next time I pep talk myself I won’t listen. 

I went to the second resale store, shopped around a bit while they went through my items and was called up to the counter to take back my large bag.  A full bag of clothes that weren’t good enough for the store.  But the worst part was when I TRIED A THIRD STORE. What the crap is wrong with me?

You would think that two rejections would be enough but apparently the third times a charm when experiencing a fat “No thank you”.  After the third store turned my bag away I sat quietly in my car with my skin getting a little hotter, my body not knowing whether it wanted to cry or laugh.  Before the tears came I let myself laugh.  I laughed at the remarks that I heard about my clothes, and then I texted my husband who had no idea that I was even out on this quest to try to make some extra spending cash.  He laughed as well.

It might not sound that bad to you, but do you want to hear what the stores told me as each saleswoman handed back my bag?

“I’m sorry, unfortunately these clothes are a little too mature for what we’re looking for.  A few of them are also out of style.”

“These clothes are nice, but we are looking for name brands.  Our shoppers aren’t looking for these types of clothes.”

“There is nothing here that we would be able to sell, unfortunately you don’t have any of the trends that shoppers are looking for.”

Once during my junior year of high school my best friend and boyfriend had a clothes intervention with me.  They told me that I had been wearing mom jeans for far too long and that it was time to start purchasing some hip hugging, stylish jeans.  When they confronted me I was clueless as to how long I had been out of style.  Oddly enough this experience with my clothes took me back to that same feeling I had after my mom jean intervention. 

I really thought about what it would take for me to bring in “trendy” clothes that resale stores would actually purchase from me.  The reality is that I would need to be buying clothes often enough that the ones I was letting go of were still needed in the market.  I just don’t buy clothes that often, and I’m okay with that.  I guess that I’m blessed to even have an extra bag of clothes, whether they are in style or not.  

I realize that I miss shopping, and yet I acknowledge that it keeps me in check a little.  When I was a consistent browser at my favorite stores my innocent browsing always turned into purchasing.  Even sales that are a steal add up, and here and there I would get a small lecture from my husband.  In fact, I’ve literally hid purchases from him before.  There, I said it out loud!  What an unhealthy place to be in.

Having some really nice clothes that were still not good enough was a humbling experience for me.  You know, it kind of works out that I don’t have to get dressed every day.  I put on my mom jeans and I run a household like a rock star.  Being Momma is the biggest trend with my babies and I’ll take that over designer clothes or shopping debt any day.

Oh and if you ever run into me at that glorious place called Target, tell me to go home immediately. 

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  1. You rock, girl! Even if you are wearing mom jeans doing so....they're just pants to keep you covered as you inspire, teach, care, raise, love, & cherish your family and friends! Plus you are so cute you could wear a paper bag and still look fine. We are our own worst critics....you are a pretty treasure of a provrbs 31 woman! You're right...there's more important things than Jean style ;)