World, Meet Baby D

These pictures are from the day I met Andrue D.M.  I didn't give birth to him but starting caring for him on day 2, he was just short of 48 hours old.  I texted these pictures to Ryan who was at work on a Wednesday night, he thought that we were getting a 6 month old baby, oops.  

Our family immediately started calling him Drue.  We thought that it fit him and knew that we could easily use that name without people knowing his real name.  Technically Andrue was in Foster Care for 867 days, except that he wasn't.  Andrue has been home for 867 days.  

Today is adoption day, a final end to the roller coaster ride of no severance, paternity tests, Foster Care review board, report and review hearings, monthly CPS visits, trials and visits with bio dad.  Since Drue isn't really aware that anything about his life was in limbo, he probably just thinks we are throwing him a birthday party!  And I guess you could say that we are as on this date he is an official Senters, Ryan and I will be put as the {rightful} parents on his birth certificate and he will forever be ours.  What a celebration indeed.

I'm very aware that this could've gone differently.  Each Foster Care situation is unique, some lead to reunification or the kids can be removed from your home to be placed with family members, others consist of years in care before reunification and some lead to adoption.  Through this long process my heart changed as my prayers shifted from "Lord, please give us answers and let Drue stay in our home" to "Lord, please give us answers and may Your will be done for Drue's life."  After 2 1/2 years of praying for Drue's life, I'm thankful that God granted us the gift of continuing to raise him.

With a bag of my "picture bribing" chocolate in his hands and on his teeth (my plan backfired and he would not let them go), his pants tucked into his cowboy boots that have chicken poop on the bottom, a faded tattoo that he loves to show off and reapply often to be like dad, and a scowl in some pictures as he was looking for his siblings playing on the playground . . . these pictures are true to form.  

It's an honor to introduce you all to my son,
Drew Isaiah Senters
Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.  
-Isaiah 25:1

All pictures were taken by my talented friend, Brenna Heater.